September 4, 2016 4 Golden Nuggets With Jeff Moore

4 Golden Nuggets With Jeff Moore

Want to send a huge thank you to Jeff Moore for being the latest guest on 4 Golden Nuggets—the show where I get 4 pieces of advice from the hungriest hustlers

We filmed this interview outside of the Flatiron building in New York City on a really noisy day. There was construction going, tourists taking pictures, and police sirens. But at the end of the day, we were able to get it done. And edit out the background noise. And end result of what we came out with is incredible.

Watch this episode to hear Jeff drop his two cents on how to become successful as a blogger, what we can do to make the internet more positive, how to become a TED speaker, how to fully appreciate the miracle of life, and how to operate within your gift.

“When we see people who are successful or seem like they’re becoming successful at a rapid rate, it is because they are operating within their gifts. They are doing stuff that is directly aligned with their gifts. That’s such a key thing. A lot of people unfortunately don’t take their gift seriously.”-Jeff Moore #OperateWithinYourGift

Reach out to Jeff at:
@JeffMooreMotivation (FB)
@myeverydaypower (twitter)