My name is Bo Muchoki.

And I built WhateverItTakesMotivation.Com on the philosophy that the only way to succeed at absolutely anything in this world is through a mentality of doing Whatever It Takes to get that goal accomplished.

Don’t just make 100 calls. Make as many calls as it takes.

Don’t just knock on 100 doors. Knock on as many doors as it takes.

Don’t just run 2 miles per day or 5 miles per week. Run as many miles as it takes.

Don’t just work 3, 4, or 5 days per week on your goals. Work as many hours as it takes.

Do Whatever It Takes, For As Long As It Takes.

The point of this site is to inspire you to Do Whatever It Takes for your health, happiness, fitness, success, growth, and wellbeing. Do Whatever It Takes to create the life you want to live. Stop at nothing. And be relentless.

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About Bo Muchoki

Bo Muchoki is a motivational writer, content creator, and YouTuber. He is super passionate about blogging, writing books, self-development, and motivation.

His work has been featured by many popular motivational blogs and websites including PickTheBrainFearlessMotivation, MotivationGridDailyZen, and The EveryDay Power Blog.